Drop Shipping

(when we ship directly to your customer)

Don't want to stock inventory and mess around with shipping? Tired of back orders and slow service with your current drop shipper? You concentrate on building your business and we'll fill all of your orders quickly and accurately. We offer the best drop shipping program available in the adult industry. You can place individual drop ship orders on our web site or you can upload orders in batches. Orders usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. We ship in plain brown boxes with nothing on them but a shipping label. Your customer will get a packing list with your company name and address on it! We can ship Ground, 2 Day or Overnight with UPS , First Class, Express and Priority Mail is available, and all of our US Mail packages have delivery confirmation numbers. International packages can be shipped by UPS or US Airmail. You are charged for the wholesale cost of the products, the actual shipping charge (i.e. whatever the carrier charges us), plus a small drop ship fee per order (not per item) of $2.75. We don't personally contact your customer for any reason and they won't be put on a mailing list.

  • We drop ship right to your customers which eliminates the need for you to have inventory or handle any items.

  • We ship all orders in a discreet box.

  • We put a packing slip in the box, with your company name on the top, disclaimer, return policy, your customer information including items that were shipped and any item on back order.

  • We ship UPS and US Mail for all domestic orders. Also International shipping by UPS and US Mail is available. (International Shipments are your responsibility as soon as we ship the order).

  • We offer overnight and 2 day shipping. We guarantee that priority (overnight & 2 day) orders get out the same day we receive them before 1:00PM EST.

  • We charge you the UPS and US mail rates we are billed. There is also a $2.75 handling fee per box.

  • Computerized shipping and tracking. At 4 pm each working day we transmit all tracking information. You will receive the UPS or US mail shipping cost, tracking number and items on back order of the orders we shipped in the previous 24 hours.

  • All items on backorder are checked daily with shipments received. Our fill rate is over 95% but sometimes cannot control backorder issues.

  • Customer service department that will advise and answer all your questions and concerns about your site and orders.

  • Another great optional feature we offer thru UPS and US Mail is e-mail verification. If your customer provides an e-mail address, UPS or US Mail will send them an e-mail with the tracking # and date shipped. This e-mail comes from UPS and US Mail, says nothing about what is in the package, but just tells them when to expect this package. This feature will reduce your customer service calls and e-mails from your customers wondering where there order is.

  • Daily invoicing and a PDF of your invoice is available.

Bulk orders

Muffs and Cuffs, Inc are owned by Williams Trading Co., an adult distributor that has been in business since 1974. If you decide to not use our drop ship program, we have another choice. Williams Trading has a warehouse of over 70,000 sq ft and inventory of over 19,250 different novelties, and DVD's. We carry all the major novelty lines and many others also. Williams will ship the items directly to your location for your convenience. Just contact one of our friendly sales people, toll free at 1-800-423-8587 or e-mail at sales@williamstradingco.com for more information.

About Us

Our internet division and drop ship program is by far the best in the adult industry. As an adult distributor, we won't compete with you on the internet. We will remain your distributor, selling you the items at wholesale prices. We could create a retail site, reduce prices and take away business from you, but that's not what we are about.

Muffs & Cuffs has been in business since 1997. We started by drop shipping 25 orders a day for a few websites. We currently drop ship over 9000 orders a week for over 150 different websites and web owners. We have dedicated personnel who process, pick, pack and shipped all the orders, Sunday through Friday.

If you are not satisfied with your present supplier, back orders are excessive or don't have enough hours in the day to better serve your website business because you drop ship the orders yourself, give us a try. Let us fulfill your orders so you'll have more time to market your site or give us your back orders, and you will find our service and program to be the best. Once you try our program, you'll never go back.

General F.A.Q.

Q. Do you have a catalog?
A. We carry so many items from so many different companies we don't send out catalogs anymore. Also, the web site has all the products, prices, and pictures and descriptions of the products on there, and is much easier to use than a catalog.

Q. How much should I charge for shipping?
A. We have a suggested shipping charge for each product on our web site. You should charge about $8.95 for one product and like $10.95 or more for 2 or more items This will get you close for standard shipping (UPS Ground for multiple item orders and for large items and USPS Priority Mail for small orders). You should add at least $20 for 2nd day shipping and $35 for overnight shipping. You should add at least $50 for international shipping. These prices should cover your drop shipping fee You should tell them that standard shipping will take 1 weeks, express shipping will take 2-4 business days and overnight will take 1-2 business days. International shipping can take several weeks to get there. Here are a few other things to keep in mind: 1) Priority Mail is only cheaper than UPS Ground for small packages

Q. What are the suggested retail prices?
A. You should mark up at least 100% or more Having low prices will not increase your sales, goes by if people find your site.

Q. What is the return policy?

Due to the discreet, sensitive and hygienic nature of the products that are distributed we do not accept returns, however, we do have some exceptions such as:

Manufacturer Defectives (must be reported within 30 days)
  • Place a new web order for defective merchandise
  • Please fill out this form with the original order # and the customer’s complaint so we may justify the defect.
  • Once we establish defective product we will credit.
  • After 30 days please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty list.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty list
  • These orders never made it to their destinations, the address was incorrect or the package did not fit the receptacle.
  • We will inspect these returns and if they are viable for resale we will credit.
  • If products are not viable for resale due to damage from shipping errors no credit will be issued as we have to discard the product.
  • Notifications of viable returns will be marked on the website only..
  • On Econ returned/refused orders we are billed by USPS for these returns. You will be rebilled for these shipping charges.
  • It is up to the customer to reship with corrected address or credit their customer
  • If reshipment is returned again there will be a 15% restocking fee added
Wrong Item/Shortages (Must be reported within 48 hours from ROG)
  • If a wrong order or item is received you are to email returns@williams-trading.com with the order # and explain the issue.
  • If there were shortages email returns@williams-trading.com with the order# and items that were short by product # or description.
  • Once we investigate the order # we will then credit for product or issue a call tag to have the order returned.
  • We will reship the correct items
  • We are not responsible for orders once they have left our warehouse
  • If there is a tracking #, the order has been put on a skid and has left our building
  • If the order does not make it to its destination or is late, customers are responsible for contacting the carrier and filing claim.

Q. Will you ship COD?
A. Yes we ship COD in the US. You have to open a Account with our parent company Williams Trading Company (1800-423-8587 ext 14) or email sales@williams-trading.com. Until your account is established and we have a credit application that is approved, we cant ship COD.

UPS and US Mail F.A.Q.

Q. What about UPS and US Mail rates?
A. You can go to www.ups.com and enter our zip code (08110). This will give you the absolute latest rates from OUR area. US Mail rates are cheaper, but (close enough to base both shipping methods on the same pricing). US International Air Mail rates are very close to UPS's international rates.

Q. What about shipment tracking?
A. UPS and US Mail are traceable they all have tracking. UPS is only better because the order is insured for $100.00. When shipping to international destinations. We will not take responsibility for delivery via any method. Occasionally countries will not allow our merchandise into their country. We make every effort to get the merchandise to it's destination. In some instances it will be impossible to deliver. Depending on the value of the products we may try to bring the order back to us. In most cases, however this is not cost effective. If we do get the merchandise back we will credit you for the merchandise less incoming freight and taxes. If we can't get it back we will not be held responsible. Please make your customers aware of the risks involved in shipping this merchandise to international destinations.

Here's a few more suggestions regarding shipment delivery and tracking:
  • Our recommendation for what your retail customers should pay for shipping are as follows:

    • Standard Ground- $12.95

    • Second Day Air - $27.95

    • Overnight - $39.95

    • International - $54.95

  • Try to stay away from Asian countries. Although most of the products originate from there they are very strict with their import regulations. UPS has a great deal of difficulty finding addresses in these countries.

  • UPS has some restricted countries, these countries won't allow UPS, these orders must go US Mail. If you need a list please of countries email Us.

  • UPS does not require a signature for domestic residential deliveries.

  • UPS cannot ship to US P.O. Boxes or to military bases. These orders must be shipped via US Mail.

Shipping Stats for 2013

UPS Mail Innovations

Delivery Confirmation - Transit Summary By Day

Period of 03/01/2016 - 03/31/2016
DAYS PCS Percent Total Percent
0 0 0.00% 0.00%
2 340 10.53% 10.53%
3 1,087 33.66% 44.19%
4 1,281 39.67% 83.86%
5 399 12.36% 96.22%
6 89 2.76% 98.98%
7 17 0.53% 99.50%
8 6 0.19% 99.69%
9 6 0.19% 99.88%
10 2 0.06% 99.94%
11+ 2 0.06% 100.00%
Subtotal 3,229 100.00%

NO DC Scans 24 0.74%
<0 Transit Days 0 0.00%
Total 3,253
Scan Rate 99.26%

You can call us toll-free at 800-423-8587 Our email address is sales@williams-trading.com