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In 1869, the American physician, George Taylor, invented the first vibrator, an enormous, steam-powered device, and by 1882, an ingenious Brit came up with the first electromechanical vibrator. Vibrator use became so popular and widespread they were the fifth household device to be electrified; only the sewing machine, toaster, teakettle and fan were deemed more necessary for the maintenance of a happy household. Even Sears catalog featured ads for mother's little helper! But the use of vibrators for their true purpose in 1920s porn blew the lid off their social acceptability; the ads disappeared and vibrators stayed underground until the sexual awakening in the mid-sixties.

I had fallen prey to a common myth about vibrators: that it's single women who use them the most. In Dr. Berman's study, more than 30 percent of single women reported using vibrators versus 60 percent of women in relationships. So for those of you who are afraid a vibrator might become a substitute for flesh and blood, stop worrying! Dr. Berman explains that "vibrators have as much a place for couples as they do for singles," and two-thirds of the women surveyed said their partners supported their vibrator use, and half used them with their partners.

When most people consider sex toys, they immediately think of vibrators. For good reason: their low cost, versatility and powerful vibrating sensations make them real crowd-pleasers. But picking out a vibrator can be more difficult than you might think. Did you know there were hundreds of different kinds? Before we get started, you should know a few things about vibrators. Most of them are designed as "novelties," which means they can have a very unpredictable lifespan -- anywhere from days to months. but for the most part, don't expect miracles from your vibrating pal. But good care and careful use will usually prolong the life of your toy, as will careful storage in a dust-free place. It's also a good idea to take out the batteries after each use and store them separately -- batteries can leak, which makes a big mess and ruins your toy.

Traditional vibrators can be used a number of different ways. The most obvious method is an "in-out" motion resembling intercourse. But don't let the shape of the vibe program you into using it just one way! Many people enjoy several different kinds of stimulation, or a combination of internal and external strokes. Both men and women can enjoy traditional vibrators externally. Some women prefer traditional vibes because using them seems more like traditional intercourse, with a big, pulsating bonus. In fact, some men have been known to become jealous of their partner's vibrating buddy

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