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A dildo is shaped like a phallus, which means it somewhat resembles a penis. Some can be quite realistic, especially if they're made from silicone. Others look nothing like the male member. They come in all sizes, shapes, textures and colors, from the smallest to the ridiculously huge dildos. They are all made for penetration and thrusting. The Renaissance brought the official coining of the word "dildo," a variation on "olsibos" or from the Latin "dilatare," to open wide, from which we also get the word "dilate," or from "diletto," which means "to delight." Open wide with delight - can you think of a better expression of a healthy sexuality?

When considering a dildo, think about what you want. Some people prefer the simple sleekness of a smooth jelly dong. Others enjoy a more realistic shape and texture. Some people like small traditional dildos and others like obscenely large ones. You might try experimenting with different vegetables to determine what size works best for you. You may have to let trial and error determine your acceptable girth. As for texture, . Pick the material that appeals to you the most.

Realistic dildos look just like the real thing -- in fact, they're often cast from molds created from real penises. Like all sex toys, realistic dildos come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and skin tones, ranging from a healthy six inches to very big 15". Most realistic dildos are made from silicone,jelly, rubber. Many realistic dildos have, veins and testicles popular ones are those cast from famous penises those belonging to popular adult film stars!

G-Spot dildos come in two basic shapes: long, smooth shafts with a tilted tip, and stubby, knobby thick shafts with wide midsections. both function in relatively the same way -- they're designed to hit a woman's G-Spot, that elusive area about three inches into the vaginal canal. Women point the knobby or tilted end upward, toward the magical spot, and apply pressure. This type of dildo isn't particularly appealing to women who don't enjoy G-Spot stimulation, but those who do say G-Spot dildos are incredible. If you're interested in finding out if G-Spot stimulation is for you, these dildos are a good way to begin play. Use lots of lube and remember that most women respond to firm G-Spot pressure, not gentle stroking.

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