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Pumps A vacuum/suction device used for drawing the blood into the penis, a penis pump either slightly enlarges your erection or helps you achieve a more powerful one. These toys don't have any kind of permanent lengthening effect, but the temporary illusion can be quite exciting, both to the eye and to the touch. Also, as blood rushing to the penis is usually a good thing, the stimulation produced by penis pumps can be very satisfying. While men with erectile problems have used these toys for years, most men find the suction these toys produce -- whether it be gentle or powerful -- intensely enjoyable. Some men use penis pumps to ready themselves for partner intercourse. Others use them to achieve a strong orgasm.

A masturbation sleeve is simple to use: you insert your penis into the soft, warm masturbator and pump away. Made from a variety of substances, masturbators can be shaped like extra-large penises or realistic vaginas, and are usually internally coated with silicone or Cyberskin meant to simulate vaginal walls. While masturbation sleeves are an ideal choice for the single man, there's no reason why men in partnerships can't use them, too. Many couples enjoy Them, either to use alone, together or side-by-side. If you've never tried a masturbator, you might consider it. many men find them exciting and satisfying.

Erection rings restrict the flow of blood away from the erect penis, creating a pleasurable feeling of tightness and pressure, prolonging erection, and sometimes delaying ejaculation. Usually worn at the base of the penis behind the scrotum, some men enjoy erection rings around the base of their penis only. It really depends on size and personal preference. You may find it easiest to put on an erection ring before your penis is erect, but you'll want to experiment to find what works best for you. You should remove the ring as soon as it becomes uncomfortable -- do not wear any longer than 30 minutes. Beginners should play around with different durations, just to make sure they don't hurt themselves. In order to avoid unpleasant snaps, snags or yanking, you may want to trim or shave the hair in the area where you'll be wearing the strap or ring, or use a little lubrication to grease the wheels.

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