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  • Topco
    Topco Products is a State-of-the-art manufacturing, product design, materials and technological research company. Topco has unleashed a plethora of groundbreaking ideas and products. With an emphasis on research and development, we've remained on the cutting edge by consistently incorporating new technological discoveries into our products. Two of Topco's most remarkable scientific breakthroughs have been the creation of I.C. operated vibrators and the world-famous CyberSkin© material. Most recently, Topco merged hi-tech materials with sensual artistry for the creation of the lifelike sensation, Virtual Girltm. And there's much more to come!
  • Pipedreams
    Pipedream Products, Inc Pipedream Products is now one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of adult gifts and novelties in the world.
  • Doc Johnson
    Doc Johnson started back in 1976, who could ever have imagined the colors, shapes, and materials we have today? A retailer's shelves would have looked like some sort of futuristic fantasy. Our newest collection features Radiant Gems, our most revolutionary jelly ever, created right here in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Doc Johnson. Still the leader, since the beginning of toys.
  • California Exotics
    California Exotic Novelties, the world's leading manufacturer of Adult Toys and Novelties, has always prided themselves on their ability to 'listen' to the consumer and creating new products that meet their specific needs.